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Kaye Williams
Skin Care

"After the SKIN 7 day trial my skin felt softer and cleaner. The appearance was fresher and younger with a marked reduction in age lines. I noticed my eyes were opened wider with what looked like a brow lift giving the face a brighter, younger and friendlier appearance." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Muriel Goodare
Weight Loss

"I used to be too heavy to get out of a chair easily. I had difficulty hauling myself onto buses and out of the car. Now I have been able to put in an amazing garden, replenishing all the garden beds with no big tummy getting in the way! I can't believe I was carrying around more than 5 3kg bags of potatoes! I have loved the support and encouragement which helped me succeed in losing 13.4% body fat, 3 sizes and 17kg. I feel so much more active and energised!" *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Therabia Samuels
Weight Loss

"My weight loss started with a New Year”s Resolution to change my life to be a healthier and better me. I started and failed several times but with perseverance, hard work and a wonderful coach found success Before using this programme it was impossible for me to control my appetite. With this my appetite is totally under control. So far I have lost 28 kgs and I feel amazing." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Maria Franklin
6 Day Trial

"During the 6 day trial I lost 4.2kg, 8cm or 2 sizes from my waist and 33cm all over. I feel so much better. My tiredness is gone. I am exercising and being lots more active. People are noticing how much happier I am. I had some challenges on my birthday but it was so easy to get back on track. I feel very grateful to be shown an easy way to healthier living. My life is so much better after cutting the rubbish out of my diet and improving the nutrition." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Beryl Tongakilo
6 Day Trial

Before I had the Trial Pack I often felt sick, dizzy and tight in the chest which made it harder to breathe. After trying the Trial Pack I felt transformed. It helped me to stop eating sugar, salt, and dairy products and start enjoying green tea and water. I am now enjoying a healthier lifestyle along with great health improvements. My energy was much better in just a few days. I am walking a lot more, I feel so much lighter. I also saved $100 on my weekly food bill that week and best of all lost 5.7kgs. After continuing with the programme I have lost 23 kgs so far.

Adrienne Scott
Sports & Weight Gain

"After committing to do the Oxfam charity 100km Taupo Trail walk I became anxious as I was really lacking the energy I needed to cope with the training despite a good vitamin and nutrition programme. I began using this sports programme and noticed a big change. I found I was able to walk and attend the gym and after working out I felt healthily invigorated as opposed to drained and exhausted. In just 18 days I lost 3.5kgs and 27 inches. During the walk I continued to feel energised with a sense of wellbeing. Feelings of exhaustion along the way were...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Bob Lyall
Sports & Weight Gain

I am an internationally certified boxing referee and a cycling enthusiast. I usually cycle 50km 3 times a week and then another 80 kms on Saturday and Sunday, so I burn up a lot of calories. I have used Formula #1, #3 Herbalifeline, Chitosan NRG and Protein Powder to lose 3.5kgs in 3 weeks along with heaps of inches. My clothes were falling off me. I was amazed that my appetite was so totally controlled so that I was no longer hanging out for food. After riding 80 kms I was still wanting to keep on riding and not wanting to rest during the...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Lois Morpeth
Weight Loss Challenge, Weight Loss

Before losing weight, life was a huge struggle. Now I have lost 57kg and doing this over a long period of time and keeping it off, has had big challenges to overcome. I have learned a lot and love sharing this knowledge to help others succeed as well. I noticed that it became easier the longer I was doing this, so never give up if you are carrying a lot of weight. Now I regularly exercise and I have found that just a small amount of activity is giving me big strength increases which enable me to do so much more in life. The discipline to reach my goal is definitely worth working for with the end results. Looking at my after photo and feeling the way I do feels amazing. It has changed my life.*Results not typical, individual results may differ

Lorraine Herewin
6 Day Trial

"During the trial pack I saved $20 a day on my food bill, I feel so much better in myself and have gained an extra hour in energy a day. My appetite was well controlled and I was advised to eat more. I did such a good job sticking to it, as it was easy to do. My stomach feels shrunk and I feel a lot lighter now so I am wanting to walk more. The support gave me real help in what was best for me to eat I lost 3.8kg with the trial pack and then won 1st prize for the weeks biggest loser at the Weight Loss Challenge." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Moira Muir
Weight Loss

"I started this programme because due to stress I was very run down and this seemed like a very healthy way to lose the extra weight I was carrying. In 6 weeks I lost 2 and a half kilos and 31 cms all over. I noticed that I felt 97% better in my health and people commented on how well I looked. I felt so well and as a doctor would recommend this programme to any of my patients, friends and family. I have continued this for good nutrition." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Rachael Plummer
Skin Care, Weight Loss

"Before using this I felt drained coping with life and felt so unhealthy. Since using this improved nutrition plan I have lost 5 kg and find it easy to maintain my goal weight. Best of all I now feel wonderful. This has rejuvenated my health. I have also started using the skincare range and have saved myself $1000 in the last year because I no longer need to get facials or purchase a lot of make up. I no longer need to spend money on make up because I no longer have anything to cover up. I had uneven colour tone to my skin and repeated acne breakouts but this has disappeared and not returned since starting on this range of skincare." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Sharron Russell
Weight Loss Challenge

"Before starting the Weight Loss Challenge lifestyle change courses, I was tired and felt very self conscious. Aging had taken my health and vitality and my weight loss was very slow. I did not drink water and ate very little protein, and thought I ate well. This has been transformational for me, with the proven plan for change. It has taught me how to beat the health worries middle age brings by being very aware of what I eat and then seeing a huge difference in how I feel about everything. I felt supported and nurtured in my personal goals by the coaches and the participants. Now I have...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Corrie Conselaar
Sports & Weight Gain

I have moved to Piha and surf up to 3 times a day with other sports i.e. touch and weight/physical training as well. My health has improved even more and I love it out here. *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Dan Smith
Weight Loss

Before Dan Smith started using Herbalife products he weighed a colossal 21 stone (130 kgs) and could not walk to the end of his street. In his first month just using the Herbal Beverage he lost 16lbs. Dan then started to use the Cellular Nutrition Program and then went on to lose 100 lbs in 27 weeks. Dan lost 20.5 inches from his belly, 18.5 inches from his hips, 13.5 inches from his neck and 5.5 inches from each of his thighs. *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Briar Douglas
Weight Loss Challenge

"My husband and I joined a new year Weight Loss Challenge in 2011. I learnt about protein and the importance of a healthy breakfast, kept a food diary and changed my eating habits a lot. My exercise has increased and I keep to healthy active lifestyle. Most days I pack my lunch with healthier choices and it is always eaten. I loved fizzy drink but went cold turkey during the challenge. If I go to a restaurant, I often look at the menu online first and make better decisions because of that. I read ingredient labels when shopping. When a jam label has 34% fruit, what makes up the...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Hinepoua Grant
Weight Loss Challenge, Weight Loss

Long term participant, Hinepoua Grant, has been able to make a huge improvement to her life by learning how to improve her nutrition, losing weight and becoming more active. "Before attending the Weight Loss Challenge I was unable to work and often even unable to go out because of poor health. I had no energy and I was always at the doctor. I was overweight but unable to lose weight successfully on other programmes I tried. Now so far I have lost a total of 25kgs and 10 dress sizes. My appetite is completely under control. I am able to hold down a job now and...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Kerry Smith
Weight Loss

"Before using this both a specialist and my GP had told me they felt I would probably never lose weight as I suffered from chronic fatigue, slept heaps and struggled to keep a normal life. Since starting this and getting help to improve my diet I have no more lethargy, my brain is clearer and I am able to do things I couldn't do before. I can work all day without any problem. My appetite is under control and in my first 3 weeks I lost 10kgs. I believe a huge part of my success has been the wonderful help, support and encouragement that I have been given." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Krish Reddy
Weight Loss Challenge, Weight Loss

Weight Loss Challenge winner Krish Reddy had no intention to join when he bought his mother in to apply for work. Krish had tried and failed so many diets trying to lose weight, he had given up on his own health. Surrounded by so many success stories he found the courage to try one more time. "I attribute my success to the information I received from the course which directly impacted the amount of weight that I lost. Being around people taking the same journey gave me confidence & the will to continue through the hard days. When I tried alone I had failed, but...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Bob Dutton
Weight Loss Challenge

"It was a load off my mind to find the weight loss challenge. I was gaining weight but unable to exercise due to worsening arthritis. As a senior, going to the gym was too painful, but this has been an easy way for me to lose 5kg in 6 weeks. It was great to win a cash prize. The value for money considering this can't be beaten. The competition and weekly prizes really helped me try harder each week so I got the weight off quicker. I found that the help and support is an essential part of success and I recommend you give this a try if you are struggling with weight. 6 weeks can change everything!" *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Paulette Coombes
Weight Loss

"Before using these products I never slept well and got stressed easily. I would drag myself around during the day, due to lack of energy. Now, with this great nutrition, I am as regular as clock work, I don't bloat anymore, and I sleep like a baby. I have energy to burn and the best thing is I haven't had the flu or a cold since starting these products 8 months ago. I lost 11kgs in 10 weeks, lost my cellulite, toned up and I have maintained that weight loss for 6 months. I just feel amazing" *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Rachael Montagu
Weight Loss

"Before using this I felt tired and lazy. I made bad food choices and had a big sweet tooth which led to obesity. I felt bad about myself and lacked confidence. Since starting this nutritional approach to weight loss I have transformed. Despite reducing my food intake, my hair and nails are stronger than they have ever been. People around me have been getting sick for months and I can't believe how healthy I feel. I have lost 20kgs and 5 pants sizes and I feel full of beans!" *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Leisha Cairns
Weight Loss Challenge

"When I started the Weight Loss Challenge I was tired and very overweight. I was eating all the wrong things. Health wise I was a mess. With this the weight started dropping off easily. The Weight Loss Challenge created a big learning curve helping me with re education on lifestyle and choices around food. I love the support from other people also needing to lose weight and being accountable with weekly weigh ins and the extra one on one help with my coach. In 9 weeks I lost 12.8kg...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Lisi Kata
Weight Loss Challenge

"2 years ago I had swine flu and was on life support. I had to relearn to talk and walk. My doctor told me if I wanted to see my children grow up I had to lose weight but nothing worked. Using this programme is the only way I have had success. Now I have much more energy and feel a lot healthier. So far I have lost over 16 kg and 103cm." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Peter Taurere
Weight Loss Challenge

"My worried sister, Josie, bought me for a look at the weight loss challenge. I had no intention of joining but after being assessed on the body analysis scales. I found the reading for my visceral fat (fat surrounding vital organs) was higher than anyone else. This type of reading puts you at a very high risk of cardiovascular disease, so I joined up. Before the challenge I used to crave bad food, ate and drank a lot of rubbish and I was very overweight. I snored a lot and was up 2 - 3 times to the loo at night. I woke tired and feeling un-refreshed...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ