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Energy & Fitness

Whether you're a triathlete or an occasional sports enthusiast, exercise increases your body's nutritional needs.

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Targeted Nutrition

Proper nutrition is important at any age for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Whatever your stage in life, Herbalife’s Targeted Nutrition products give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health. Heart Health Whether you’re in y...

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Weight Management

Trying to lose weight? Not seeing results? Herbalife’s Weight Management solutions are for you.

Combining cutting-edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, Herbalife Nutrition’s Weight Management products can help with weight management. Change your eating habits, change your life! Formul...

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Peter Taurere

Weight Loss Challenge

"My worried sister, Josie, bought me for a look at the weight loss challenge. I had no intention of joining but after being assessed on the body analysis scales. I found the reading for my visceral fat (fat surrounding vital organs) was higher than anyone else. This type of reading puts you at a very high risk of cardiovascular disease, so I joined up. Before the challenge I used to crave bad food, ate and drank a lot of rubbish and I was very overweight. I snored a lot and was up 2 - 3 times to the loo at night. I woke tired and feeling un-refreshed...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Lisi Kata

Weight Loss Challenge

"2 years ago I had swine flu and was on life support. I had to relearn to talk and walk. My doctor told me if I wanted to see my children grow up I had to lose weight but nothing worked. Using this programme is the only way I have had success. Now I have much more energy and feel a lot healthier. So far I have lost over 16 kg and 103cm." *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Leisha Cairns

Weight Loss Challenge

"When I started the Weight Loss Challenge I was tired and very overweight. I was eating all the wrong things. Health wise I was a mess. With this the weight started dropping off easily. The Weight Loss Challenge created a big learning curve helping me with re education on lifestyle and choices around food. I love the support from other people also needing to lose weight and being accountable with weekly weigh ins and the extra one on one help with my coach. In 9 weeks I lost 12.8kg...... *Results not typical, individual results may differ

Rachael Montagu

Weight Loss

"Before using this I felt tired and lazy. I made bad food choices and had a big sweet tooth which led to obesity. I felt bad about myself and lacked confidence. Since starting this nutritional approach to weight loss I have transformed. Despite reducing my food intake, my hair and nails are stronger than they have ever been. People around me have been getting sick for months and I can't believe how healthy I feel. I have lost 20kgs and 5 pants sizes and I feel full of beans!" *Results not typical, individual results may differ